• Sex Toy Material 101

    Which Sex Toy Material Is Right For You

    Choosing the right Sex Toy Material is an important decision when purchasing your next sex toy. Let's take a look at some of the more popular materials below.


    Plastic vibrators are inexpensive, safe with all types of lubricants, and easy to clean. Unfortunately the downside to these vibrators is though they might be give a strong vibration, they aren’t the best quality and therefore won’t last as long as other vibrators.


    Jelly vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are easy to clean and mid range when it comes to price. Most jelly toys are phthalate free but there are some that do contain phthalates so be sure to look for “phthalate-free” when purchasing your jelly vibrator. Phthalates have been found to cause some health risks. The good thing about jelly vibrators is that they are firm but also slightly pliable like a real penis!

    Realistic Cyberskin

    Realistic & Cyberskin are high end high quality materials that are designed to feel as close to a real penis or vagina as possible. Similarly to jelly vibrators, Cyberskin is usually firm but pliable. These vibrators are incredible feeling, but do require a little more special attention during cleaning and maintenance to ensure the quality of the material remains. Make sure to use toy cleaner and then rinse with water and air dry. Once dried apply toy powder all over the toy and then place your toy inside the case. The toy powder ensures to keep the material as soft as it was when you originally purchased it.

    Silicone Vibrators

    Silicone vibrators are the top of the line luxury vibrators. They are very high quality, hygienic, durable and will last very long if you take care of them properly. They do cost more than the other toy materials listed above, but they are worth every penny! Being non-porous, silicone vibrators don’t allow bacteria to get trapped in your toy. After each use just rinse with toy cleaner and water and let air dry. They have no odor and are hypo-allergenic, making them the best selection for people who have sensitivities. Overall this is our top choice when it comes to selecting the type of sex toy material for your next vibrator. Yes, they cost more than the rest of the toys, but in the end they will be well worth it as they last much longer than any other material.

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